Installed this above our stove to keep the sharp knives away from the hands of the young children. The finish on the wood is beautiful, and the magnets are powerful enough to hold even our meat cleaver. Looks and works great!

Betsy S.

The wood is beautiful, the magnet is strong, it has a sleek and  narrow profile, the mounting was easy and has a finished look. It blends well with their wood cabinet and clears away the clunky knife block to free precious countertop space. And it’s made in America! It doesn’t get better than that.

R. Reed

Perfect fit and function. This looks awesome on our kitchen wall! One of the things to be concerned about with these wooden knife holders is the magnet placement and issues with them being buried too deep into the wood to hold the knife. This product is excellent on both counts. It holds anywhere along the face and it holds even our largest butcher knife with no issue at all. We ordered a 2nd one to balance out the wall behind the cook top!